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More Free Stencils For Halloween

30 Oct

Carving Kurt

Carving Kurt

I’m heading out to the punkin patch today,  and  I’ve decided to make all my stencils free for Halloween. So all you Gleeks can get your Finn, Kurt & Rachel pumpkin stencils for free!

Here’s a list of the Free pumpkin carving templates you can find on this site:

Have  a safe and Fun Halloween Everyone!

Tracy ~ the Crafty Moma


Time to get you Zombie On!

30 Oct

Time to Get Your Zombie On!

Halloween is upon us, time to get you zombie on! My friend sent me a picture of myself from last halloween as a Zombie that I’m using in my Facebook profile. You can photoshop your friends, family and celebs into zombies with a little phoshop knowledge.


Here’s an quick tutorial to Photoshoping a zombie in 5 easy steps..


Halloween is almost here!

26 Oct

Crafty Momma

Crafty Momma

Wow. Halloween is less than a week away and I’ve not had all my pumpkin stencils put up online. 😮

So I decided to drop the price on the few premium templates I created to just 95 cents each until the weekend. So get them while you can, and thanks to all the people who sent me positive feedback, I really appreciate it.

Tracy ~ the Crafty Momma